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Gemini CCNA Interview Questions
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What is the best Difference between RIP, OSPF, EIGRP

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1>What do you mean by Networks and Networking? 2>Difference between Vlan And Sub Interface Vlan? 3>What is Fiber Optic Media Converter? 4>What is Firewall? 5>Difference Between Layer2 and Layer3 Switch? 6>What is the function of Multilayer Switch? 7>Expalin STP? What is the Difference between STP and MST? 8>What is the Function of VTP?Explain the modes of VTP? 9>What kind of Message VTp will Send? 10>What is the Difference between Normal and Manageable Switch? 11>Difference between Local Vlan and End to End Vlan? 12>Difference between Distance Vector and Link State Routing protocol? 13>What do you mean by Backbone Fast Port? 14>what is Root Guard and BPDU Guard?


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