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FutureSoft SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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How do you create a table?

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what is T.Code to write ABAP program?

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what is the T.Code to function module?

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what are the Performance technic you used?

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tell me some of FI/CO tables

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what is MSEG,MKPF?

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1.The three ways in which we can write in top-of-page? 2.While creating function module what other things are created? 3.what is parameter id? 4.difference between synchronous and asynchronous methods? 5.Types of function modules? 6.conversion routine? 7.check table and value table difference? 8.text table? 9.types of cardinality 10.Whic is better joining or for all entries?

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1.If a table is fully buffered?can we fire single select? 2.Diff between submit progam name and submit program name and return? 3.central address management in sap script? 4.main criteria for using loop at read table?

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