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FIC Interview Questions
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How to conduct Regression Testing Manually?

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BPO means?

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Actually by using severity u should know which one u need to solve so what is the need of priority?

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How will you automate a test case?How will u find a IPconfig of an appln or a machine?

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what is difference between abstraction and interface?

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What is an idle thread?

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Where did you find this job?


Who is in USA?

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what is the need to write testcases??? cant u test ur application with SRS?? y u have to write testcase document??

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what is lifecycle of a buG??? give an example of high severioty and low priority bug???

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what is the main difference between client server and webserver???

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what is clinet side validation and server validation??

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tell about build process???how do u get abuild?? what u l do when u get a build??

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what is functionality testing?? what is system testing?? does system testing involves functionality testiting??

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what are the different types of browser compatability u will test ?

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