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Excel C Interview Questions
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how can i get output like this? 1 2 3 4 5 6

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what is mallloc()?how it works?

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how can we use static and extern?and where can we use this?

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how to use enum datatype?Please explain me?

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What is RAM memory? and What is ROM?Who designed one is temparary and another is permanent?why they designed like that?By using far pointer which type data(whether hexadecimal)we can access?

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What are the languages are portable and platform independent?Why they are like that?

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pointer_variable=(typecasting datatype*)malloc(sizeof(datatype)); This is the syntax for malloc?Please explain this,how it work with an example?

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how can i get this by using for loop? * ** * **** * ******

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#include int main ( int argc, char* argv [ ] ) { int value1 = 10; int value2 = 5; printf ( "\n The sum is :%d", value1 | value2 ); } This is the answer asked by some one to add two numbers with out using arithmetic operator?Yes this answer is write it given out put as 15.But how????? what is need of following line? int main ( int argc, char* argv [ ] ) how it work?what is the meaning for this line? please explain me.Advance thanks

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Why data types in all programming languages have some range? Why ritche have disigned first time likethat?Why not a single data type can support all other types?

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what is mean by Garbage collection ? Please answer me. Advance thanks.

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main() { int a = 65; printf(“%d %o %x”,a,a,a); } Output 65 101 41 Please explain me.How it is coming like that?

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