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Engineers India Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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hi friends i m from electrical branch and seeking for tech. + apti. both papers of hpcl plz get it available as soon as possible


1KVA transformer of different frequencies of 50hz,100hz,500hz&1000hz. which one of these transformer has big size? Give reason

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How to calculate HT XLPE CABLE for 11 kv / 433 v , 1500 kva oil type transformer system? plz provide step by step calculation

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for 1000kva transformer how kvar rating is need for this PFI plant. and how does it will calculate? and Apmpere rating of main cable connection?

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Moving Iron instruments are applicable with a) DC only b) AC only c) DC & AC

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sir i have cleared the apti test of EIL held on 15th march and my interview will be in new delhi on 2nd june.i will be very much helpful if u help me regarding the type of interview questions comes at EIL.(URGENT.........PLZZZZZZZZZZ...............)


What is the difference between a 3 winding and 2 winding Potential Transformer


in single phase converter, the no.of scr's conducting during overlap a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4


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