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Engineers India Government AllOther Interview Questions
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Why you consider yourself suitable for the post manager- power plant?

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Tax Invoice: Client had settled Rs. 5,25,000/- {after deducting TDS @ 10% from base/gross amount and then added (+) Service Tax Amount (15%)} which equals to Rs. 525000/- (Settled Amount by Client). Please let me know what will be gross amount and total invoice amount including Service Tax????


after completeing testing ,what would u deliver to the client?


what is the diffrence bw qtp architectute and qtp framework?


what is cat


How does crowding affect plants?


Iwant to calculate the production of 1 labour for concrete casting which includes shuttering,scaffolding,steel fixing,concreting, deshuttering and curing in 8hours.But i am not able to determine it approximately would you pls.??


Hi Could someone please provide Siebel Testing Interview questions for 5 years exp.


what salary you expect???


Up to how much weight can be rounded off while weighing a bakery item in a bakery?


which steel is better for residential building tmt steel or hysd steel


what is the advantage of connecting capacitors in delta than in star?


please provide me the type of questions or question pattern of bally.


i am trying to automate,in that site, when i go to automate the Leaving from field showing as a WEBEDIT, but when i enter 1 or 2 char, it displaying dropdownlist, i try to use keyboard automation to select the item from that list but it is not possible, can anybody help he. Thans for posting the Answer


For REM the settings are dependent or normal?


what should be correct gas pressures to be a 1.5 ac unite


Engineers India Government AllOther Interview Questions
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