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  • Aircel interview questions (17)

Aircel Interview Questions
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have you attended any other interviews?

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I am a production engineer(fresher).But i want to join a call center as a customer support executive or a recruiter.the question is "Being a production engineer why Should i join a call center"? Please answer the related Possible questions also....

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The largest wheat-producing Indian state is: (A) UP (B) MP (C) Punjab (D) Haryana

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tell me about what is mean call centre

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What do you mean by quality analyst in call centres ?

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what would u looking in your job ?

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What is data com?? How it works, what is diffrence between datacom and telecom?

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how to answer freshers "tell me about your self?"

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what is call centre Job? What is voice and non voice? Who is an eligioble candidate to get Job In call Centers for voice and non voice.

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what do u mean by CRR?

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what is the tax % of contractors?

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why do u wnt to join Wipro only

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Which type of connector we use at the end of GSM antenna/

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What is the type of the customer service field?

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X is a five letter word. if u remove the first letter, it is the name of the country.if u remove first two letters it is opposite to female.... find out 'x' friendzzzzzzzzzz....

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Aircel Interview Questions
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