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DST Global Solutions Interview Questions
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Will you sign a bond of 2 years with us?

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Why do u want to leave your present job

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What is the difference between Action and Function.? when both has the same functionaltiy, when do we choose Action and when do we choose Function..??

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When there is descriptive programming, why do we go for Object repository for desigining scripts.?? why cant we use descriptive programming instead of using the Object repository..??

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can a Function return more than one value..??? if so please give me the code for that.

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How can we change(increase or decrease)the size of a array variable with out loosing the previous values

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When we use 'ERR' object to handle the exceptions in the script, do we need to include any statement in the beginning of the script..??

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Can you give me the code to calculate the total number of Links using the child object in the web page..? is there any other way to calculate number of links with out using the Child objects.??

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how can we call an external library file in QTP apart from using the Executefile statement..?? is there any other way we can call the external library file in QTP..??

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In mainframe SDSF, Can we copy the list of jobs currently executing in SDSF in to a seperate DATASET...?


how to swap all the values without using temporary variable. tha values r a = 20, x=60 and p=2.

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how can we maintain the previous version scripts to new version.


how to display all the links in one page using vb script in qtp.

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How can I map test requirement to Test Set (multiple test cases)? Under test lab, I have multiple test cases. I would like to map 1 requirement to all test cases under that test set (in test lab)? Currently, I think QC only allow mapping 1 test requirement to 1 test case. Instead I would like to map 1 test requirement to multiple test cases under one test lab.

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Query for second maximum salary in each in each department

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