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DST Global Solutions Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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In mainframe SDSF, Can we copy the list of jobs currently executing in SDSF in to a seperate DATASET...?


how to swap all the values without using temporary variable. tha values r a = 20, x=60 and p=2.

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how can we maintain the previous version scripts to new version.


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On what basis data will be stored on a rack?


1- What is the Polarization Index number be good for 15KV 3c#500MCM electrical cable? 2- Can I use the IEEE Std 43-2000 to perfom the PI test? Thanks


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Automicity, Consistency,Isolation & Durability?


Both generator parallel condition shared load equally but one genrator taking ampere more than the other what are all the causes to make like this


How we calculate the current carrying capacity of H.T. cabel?


what are the 3 test tool categories and describe what each can do.


How does one change the default directory that Delphi uses to save projects?


Given Max hash and set of numbers find the way they are arranged.


Which motor is 3.3 or 11kV more reliable, in terms of efficeancy,maintenance, reliability.


why view is created in database


what is your career aspect & if they asked in general what should i answer?


how can i find ct ratio of meter by seeing name plate of meter and how it should be used in MF calculation if it shows only-/1???


How many devices can be connected in one zone of FACP


how calculate the bearing from two coordinates?


How much confident you are in working individually in terms of


DST Global Solutions Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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