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DNS Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is professional tax slab rate ?

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There is currently a list of predefined auto cash rules, however I am wanting to know if you can customise and create a cash rule to specifically target an aging bucket i.e. 30 days


why we can stote dc? why we cant store ac?




t is the total number of sun glass sold which has c number of cartons and l loose glasses. Each cartons contains 27 glasses. If each sale of carton, 3rs discount is awarded on each glass. Each glass cost rs9. Box1- total number of glass sold box2- Cost of each glass box3-discount on each glass using any operation in 6 steps, bring total discount and total selling price in box2 and box3 respectively.


Respected sir,madam this is jyoti ranjan intersted for(BPO/CALLCENTER) so if u would send 2 me all types of BPO/CALLCENTER question then i shall greatfull 2 you.thanking you.


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Explain what is the stack of autorelease pools. How autorelease pool work under the hood?


How to look up a Service by Port and Protocol?


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Hi.. friends, dis Bhaskar p.if any of u having realtime scenerios.. plz send to me.. my mailid s send ASAP.. waiting for reply..


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DNS Accounting General Interview Questions
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