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DNS Core Java Interview Questions
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whats is the use of final,in which situation final can be used in the application?

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Explain class A{} class B{} class C{} all the three classes are saved in a single file name, what the name should i provide to the file ,in what file name should i run the program? Ple Explain

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what is overloading in java?

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They had given one progam final HashMap hm=new HashMap(); public void show() { hm.put("name",value); } in this prg here the final hashtable value can be changed in put method,its the prg run?

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they asked class A{} class B{} class c{} all the three class saved as a single file,there is no main method in the file and anothe class class m { psvm(String args[]) { // here the parent class can access } }

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what is the use of abstract class and interface with example?

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