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Deshaw Interview Questions
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if a number is choosen between 100 and 999 includeing these numberrs what is the provbabilty that the number selected does not contain a 7 is

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A man driving the car at twice the speed of auto oneday He was driven car for 10 min. And car is failed. He left The car and took auto to goto the office .He spent 30 min. In the auto. What will be the time take by car to go office? (A) 25 (b) 30 (c) 35 (d) none

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A report has 20 sheets each of 55 lines and each line consists of 65 characters. If this report is to be retyped with each sheet having 65 lines and each line of 75 characters wht will be the reduction percent in the pages ? (a) 22.5 % (b) 35 (c) 25 (d)none

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What is the number of zeros of the product of the first 100 numbers ?

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