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Crompton Greaves Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the diff. between two phase & three phase supply.

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1. Why a DC motor starter is called 3 point starter

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how instantanious short circuit current is calculated ? its formula.


What is the selection & Designing procedure for DG/Transformer

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what is the purpose of battery tap voltage.

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what will happen if we use cylindrical conductor instead of flat cu conductor in transformer

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Why DG set rating in KVA

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how to calculate the surge level of surge suppressors related to the SF6 cicuit breakers?


if a single phase 3 hp submersible pump of Crompton Greaves is moving in reverse direction and sometimes it moves in rigth direction ,then what may be the cause....

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1.what is surge 2.what is lightning 3.what is switching 4.difference between surge,lightning,switching used in power system 4.definition of surgearrestor,lightningarrestor 5.adv and disadv of surgearrestor,lightningarrestor 6.uses and purpose of surgearrestorand lightning arrestor 7.block dia of surge arrestor 8.blockdiagram of lightning arrestor 9.operation and working of surge arrestor and lightning arrestor 10.basic formula of surgearrestor and lightning arrestor 11.basic diagram of surge arrestor and lightning arrestor

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why vacuume circuit breaker is not used for EHV

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what is the current setting for different relay protection for transformer .


Why selected cable colour red yellow and blue in 3 phase Electrical system?

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What is the settings of distance protection relay in 400 kv line


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