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  • CIL interview questions (32)

CIL Interview Questions
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Who among the following was hanged by the British Government in the Kakori Conspiracy ? (a) Bhagat Singh (b) Chandra Shekhar Azad (c) Ram Parshad ?Bismil? (d) Batukeshwar Dutt

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Who is known as the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha? (a) The President (b) The Vice-President (c) The Speaker (d) The Home Minister

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Which ancient city is planned in the shape of a lotus? 1 Ujjain 2 Madurai 3 Banaras 4 Agra

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what different types of wood is there?

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What is the diffrence b/w defect lifecyce ans buglifecyce?

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Diffrence b/w functional testing,functionality testing,system testing?


what is the diffrence b/w verification and validation?

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what is the diffrence b/w QA and QC?

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what is the diffrence b/w Test approach,test stratagy,test plan?

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what is the diffrence b/w Sanity testing and smoke testing

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what is the diffrence b/w Regression testing and re-testing

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what is the standards for preparing the test data?

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Limitations in QTP?


What is test fusion report?

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What r the views in testdirector?

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Un-Answered Questions

dear sir, pls provide me a previous paper for hpcl engineers trainee exam for mechanical engg. this is a request pls do the needful as early as possible.


hi all i have doe cheical engg, but i have to go for iob po interview so can anybody suggest me abt the kind of qns that can be asked.


what are the Info Cubes developed in a sap project? Name them and what is the requirement


Which types of gate insttaled in static switch. Please give me answer.


explain the DMA Transfer Cycle Stealing. Draw the DMA Module Diagram.


Can any body provide me the sample web application in


what personal qualities ypu bring that would impact the intellectual and extra curricular life of your classmates in the institute?


What is meant by Low Resistance Cable and High Resistance Cable.


Identify the parts of steam turbine


Slip joints are provided in the propeller shaft a) To adjust the inclination of the propeller shaft b) To adjust the length of the propeller shaft c) To prevent the whirling of the propeller shaft d) To adjust the up and down movement of the rear axle


How to List the Available Tables?


Please clarify 1. Icw: rated short circuit working withstand capacity 2. Icu: Rated ultimate breaking capacity 3. Ics: Rated service short circut withstand capacity 4. other specification of ACB


What type of pump is lubricator pump?


hello, can any one send the sap oil and gas and sap utilities contents/scenarios to my id = thanks and awaiting for your early response.


I created a field and entered the field type, when I double clicked the field type to define the domain; it is asking for an ACCESS KEY, I am not changing any SAP defined tables, working on a user defined table.


CIL Interview Questions
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