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Adobe Test Cases Interview Questions
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write a test case on web login and bank application and client server

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write test case for white board marker.

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Write 10 test cases for the condition P=R/I where R and I are integer and P is floating point.

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how to test an imaging application that removes the red eye affect from an image?

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what are the possible test cases of an VOIP phone

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Could someone answer the following testing Questions? 1)Give 5 reasons why a build can be released with bug 2)Write a bug report for a word processor program which crashes when the contents of 89th column is been sorted in assending order. 3)write test 10 cases for program which has a table with 2 fields of NAME od char type and CLASS of INT type.NAME fields is truncated after 26 charaters and CLASS takes value between 1 to 9 both included. There are 3 possible opearations program can perform a)When a new student joins the class the program adds a new field b)When student leaves the class the field get deleted c)when student gets promoted then program incremts the class by 1 Write 5 test cases for the scenario. 4)write 10 test cases for a program that takes date in dd/mm/yyyy format and prints it out with a increment of 1. for dates (dd) can be given in the range 1<=dd>=30 for months (mm) can be given in the range 1<=mm>=12 for years(yyyy) can be given in the range 1600<=yyyy>=9999 5)Give 5 bugs that could cause a program to crash when it printed the 999999 th pages 1000001th line.

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