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Adobe Manual Testing Interview Questions
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One very small question, If application/ website performing all the function perfectly like submission, deletion, editing etc, why do we require Data base testing saparately. Please understand before reply thanks !!

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Adobe puzzles: . . . . . . . . . connect all these dots using 4 continuous clue u can extend the line after the points also. basket contains apples,second basket contains oranges and third basket contains apples and oranges the labels are wrongly mentioned.pick one fruit from one of these basket and find which basket contain which fruits.

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Can anyone help me out to get Test clear in Adobe as i have call and My apti is too low as i preparing for technical..mail me at Thanks in Advance


I Want Real Time Examples for High Sevirity and LOW Priority and Also For LOW Severity and High Priority..,.In most Of da companies QUestion Ariese on This Plz Help Me Answers

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