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Adhunik Interview Questions
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how to work current transformer and potential transformer

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in transmiters(rose mount) how to check output 4-20ma ? and input 24v? i need exact explanation?

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Specify the agent architecture name that is used to capture all kinds of actions. a) Complex b) Relational c) Hybrid d) None of the mentioned


give idea for creating screen in abap


How to get the OR SAP discriptive program by using RFT.


please inform about the date of exam of hpcl for fresh engineers recruitment in mechanical stream?


what is mean by Ratio analysis in the orgnations?


Implement the dictionary operations INSERT, DELETE, and SEARCH using singly linked, circular lists. What are the running times of your procedures?


write a program to reverse a every alternetive words in a string in a place. EX: Input is "this is the line of text" Output should be "shit is eht line fo text" Please any one tell me code for that.


What is servo motor? what is its purpose?


Explain Asynchronous Message Consumption in JMS?


differnce between ups and inverters. Series and parallel batteries connections of ups.


A rectangular beam section of 300 mm width and 500 mm effective depth is reinforced with 4 bars of 20 mm diameter, what shear reinforcement is required to resist 200 kN shear (use working stress method)?


I have experienced electrical maintenance HT ,but I completed be ECE ....can I apply c license or not ???? Pls help me friend s...


You use the accounts approach for parallel valuation in a new G/L system. If you used the ledger approach instead. Which objects would be different? ( any 3 answer) Chart of accounts Financial statement version Depreciation areas Asset classes Leading ledger


what are "R-condition"and "T-condition" in the designation of Steels ??


our industries ht line so power fluctation(once drop of power please rectify causes


Adhunik Interview Questions
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