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Tata Steel Limited Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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in elevator industries , how to calculate the required KVA for the elevator (elevator spec- 40A module , motor of 13.5KW, 20A)

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How to calculate the time setting for star connection in star delta starter? For example 10KW 3PH Induction motor.


what is the difference between Earthing,Grounding and neutral?

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diff between grounding & earthing

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what is the working principle of ceiling fan and table fan?

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any one can explain the stages of a knee point which is taken during ct magnetising curve.


which relay is used on long transmission lines

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why we use star and delta connection?why we donot give the supply directly?

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why always electric field is linked with magnetic field???

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what is excitation/


what are the disadvantages in GIS over AIS


if a 2 ohm resistor,2 ohm capacitor and a 2 ohm inductor is connected parallely to 12v source.Then what is the value of current in each branch.Is current flows in each branch at the same time?If not so then provide the proper sequence

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How to Select a Transformer Rating ?

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What is the lower limit of break-down voltage of converter transformer.


why do select 11000v rubber mat even we use only 415Volts

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