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CAT OOPS Interview Questions
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Give an example where we have to specifically use C programming language and C++ programming language cannot be used?


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What are the main categories of application software?


Hi Everybody, Can anybody tell me how to create ledger in Peachtree Accounting software, means there are some Code, which Codes Comes under which ledger Account.your prompt Answer will be highly appreciated, Thanks & regards, Khan


• Which is the latest one?


one electromagnet is called


Hi Experts, Have you worked on IDOC’s? Can you list out important t-codes in IDOC’s and their brief explanation for what they are used for in general and specific t-codes which are useful for SAP SD Module? I have interview within 1-2 days? So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regards


What are the generally asked questions for a Person who is attending Network protocol testing L2/L3.


Please sent JindalSteel&power,Domain & Apptitude test paper. Urgent / Tahnks in advance


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detailed procedure how we calculate cost for pcc m10 and rcc m20 including centering and labour excluding steel/ iron


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CAT OOPS Interview Questions
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