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CAT Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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When you describe a person as ' 404 ', what do you mean?


Who is the person to have laid the foundation of research in Statistics in India ?


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How does group chart of accounts differ from operating chart of accounts?


How do you access a context nodes and elements programmatically?


Users get the following error: ora-00055 maximum number of dml locks exceeded? What is the problem and how do you fix it?


What is the program to maintain change run?


Show Details FROM:Muhammed Ikram Message flagged Saturday, June 4, 2011 10:07 PMMessage bodyHello all, i want to ask a question to all of you that what is VMM (voltage monitoring module )? how it work,s? i heard somewhere that it compare 1 phase voltage to other phase voltage. but there is also some setting on it. how to set it,s setting. please tell me briefly. Thank,s and Regard,s. Muhammed Ikram.


Q explain the following ? a. multiple wave campaign b. recurring campaign c. event triggered campaign


What is Responsive Web design?


What is single sign-on?


Hello sir! I hav read the above discussions about PSU.I hav 72% aggregate in Mechanical bt i do had a back in 1 subject,so m i too eligible for PSU?


You have two tables-the first table has data about the users and their friends, the second table has data about the users and the pages they have liked. Write an SQL query to make recommendations using pages that your friends liked. The query result should not recommend the pages that have already been liked by a user.


What is communist flag?


Is tomcat a servlet container?


How many types of constructors are there in c#?


What is the concept of the table in Windows Azure?


Why does hashset use hashmap?