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Capita Interview Questions
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Caritor placement papers ----------- placement paper 2

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What is your stregth & Weakness

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What is your stregth & Weakness

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Who is your hero & why ?

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WHY you choose to work in a call center? why we should hire you without experience in a call center? why do you want to work in a graveyard ship? How much salary do you want to received? what is a call center for you?

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Favourite Festival

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tell me the most memorable day of ur life and why is it so?

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Hi I have few Quries can any 1 solve these plz 1)What is the total organization structure of your Client? 2)What is difference between task and change request? It is possible to release a request with out releasing task? 3)How you maintain Taxes and TDS in SAP? 4)What is ment by ZERO INVOICES 5)In asset accounting, how you prepare capital budgeting? Can any 1 plz answer these,They r a bit Urgent

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Tell me about ur college life?

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How to calculate salary structure( PF, ESI, Gratuity, CCA, HRA, etc)

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Tell me the General entry for provision for bad debts?

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what is the difference between Supply Chain & Logistics???

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What is the function for capturing the streaming vedio (could be a flashplayer) in an web application using Load Runner..?

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Which figure should be placed in the empty triangle? 6 7 7 6 8 6 6 ? 2 2 5 3 4 2 5 3

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Brown, Jones and Smith are a doctor, a lawyer, and a teacher. The teacher, who is an only child, earns the least money. Smith, who married Brown's sister, earns more than the lawyer. What is each man's job?

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