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Capita HR Questions Interview Questions
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How can we secure the data which is send from client side to server? Like the login id and paasword needs to be authenticated on the server but we cannot send it in plain text into the server.One more thing we are not using the SSL here.


how many registers are there in core i5 processor?


Hey hi........ I need 2 attend an interview...... presently am workin as SAP-SD support consultent, plz guide me wat the questions wil b asked by an interviwer as I go further as a consultent.... plz rply me urgently.......... I would be very grateful to you for your timely help.Thanks in advance. Regards


before altering a table is it necessary to lock ? if lock what is it ? how to do ? ifi want to lock a table what is that command ?


(X^mroot2)/2. Find the value of m?


What are the things(properties, and other details) will be recorded while recording an object using normal recording?


What is Trade Recovery Estimate and how can we calculate it?


How to post advance paid to a supplier in oracle jd edwards


can u plz provide me oca sql dumps please i need them


pls give me some basic informations in construction of a structure?


Is it possible to create aggregates for cumulative?


What is the thing you dislike the most in the world? Why?


Maximizing Lambda Phage Growth really Inhibits Lysogeny?


can anyone give me the HR related questions of National Insurance's written exam?


How VisiBroker provides Server-side portability?


Capita HR Questions Interview Questions
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