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BMC Interview Questions
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i want model paper on SBI Clerk post,plz sed previous papers

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who is known as flying sikh in india

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Un-Answered Questions

how to indentify memory leakages after the build


in accounts welding institute which category will come for example 1. recruitment con.pvt ltd. is man power recruit category ,so iwant to welding institute (learning welding and fibrication)


how does your home town differs from hyderabad speak it for three minutes


what will we require to build project with the help of oracle


Explain use cases where SequenceFile class can be a good fit?


you are a SQA lead on a project that uses an agile development environment, The lead developer has been instructed to write and initially-failing automated test case, then produce minimum amount of code to pass the test and finally refactor the new code to acceptable standards. based on above, Which type of SQA-focused SDLA is being used?


What are different ways to create service in AngularJS?


What are the excise duties in our state?


What are critical issues you have faced in your project


master data of fi -gl , fi-ap,fi-ar,fi-as


How many total no of channel bypass in one BTS.


Why TDS not Deducted on Service tax amount of Rent.


How may fisheries management affect sustainable development?


advantage of motor design on higher power factor . normally motors are designed for .8 power factor. what is advantage of designing at .88 power factor


why MBA after Bsc(IT) ?


BMC Interview Questions
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