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BMC Interview Questions
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i want model paper on SBI Clerk post,plz sed previous papers

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who is known as flying sikh in india

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Un-Answered Questions

In OB52 , How to define two open posting period, Like only 5 and 8 posting should be open.. should not open 6 and 7..period..


if any otion in tallyerp9 version about doing Luxury tax work


Can I freeze my account?


What is the purpose of turning gear


"Trial Balance is not a comclusive proof of the accuracy of the books of accounts." Explain this statement and describe the errors which are not disclosed inspite of the agreement of trial balance.


List the power rating of any 5 important electrical appliances used in houses.


did bel announced P E requirement for b tech every year ?


How to improve these parameters? (Cascode topology, use long channel transistors)


What does the RUN statement do?


Write short notes on manual refreshes.


what is the painting co efficient of slope roof tiles?


when elecromagnatic waves are propogated in a wave guide?


CERTAIN LIST OF EXPENSES ARE MENTIONED IN SECTION 35D regarding amortisation of such expenses........not included in the list are expenses like administrative expenses,consultancy fees etc...if these expenses are of revenue nature then well and good enough, problem taken care of.If it is not of revenue nature nor is it included in the list, how do u treat such expenses. Do u capitalise them by way of fixed assets or sunk costs or what do u do? any case laws that talk about expenses not mentioned in the section?


how to check which item is sold by the sundry debtors in tally?


Please provide specific examples of advanced/creative usage of QTP, including how impact & benefits for your project


BMC Interview Questions
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