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BMC Core Java Interview Questions
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what is the Diff. between Access Specifiers and Access Modifiers?

39 93622

What is OOP?

2 2880

What is encapsulation? Elaborate with example?

1 6199

What is data abstraction? Elaborate with example?

4 32350

What is casting?

3 3312

What is thread?

7 4306

What is advantage of using threads?

2 8268

How the threads are synchronized?

2 2931

What is Interface?

8 5284

Do you know thread pools?


How multi processing is achieved in JAVA?

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Un-Answered Questions

What is computer-based information system (CBIS) mean?


what is the importance of peak purity in HPLC and how we can calculate through manul(not software)?


What do you do to prevent flare black?


What is Servo Ventilated Motor?


Hi..i am planning to write ISTQB foundation level exam..could any one suggest me training center for istqb..also, where can i write istqb exam in chennai..could u plz list the prometric centers for istqb in chennai


You are given the following information in respect of a company: Fixed cost –Rs.13,000 Variable cost –Rs.14,000 Net profit –Rs.3,000 Net sales-Rs.30,000 Find out: a>BEP b>The profit for sales volume of Rs.50,000 c>The volume of sales to make a profit of Rs.10,000


hi,how to diable the popup window which is displayed afetr executing the SAP script program?


How to manage the contract life cycles?


How to measure the earth resistance value in a concrete pavement(flood light area)?


what is need of interface. what is the diff b/w interface and abstract class


what is field string ? & where we are using field strings?


if not found suitable for the post applied for, are you willing to be considered for a lower post yes / no ? why?


What is a IdentityMapper and IdentityReducer in MapReduce ?


What is woking principale of Profibus nd how it transfer data?


What type of questions will be asking for 2 years experience candidate in manual testing?


BMC Core Java Interview Questions
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