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BitWise Interview Questions
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placement paper

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Which mode is used for allowing file write,read and append mode?

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Which Command is Used for temprary switch User?

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What is use of sed command?

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find second largest element in array w/o using sorting techniques? use onle one for loop.

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what is ur short term goal and long term goal?

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There are some reports,we have to provide security to that reports like the hr manager should have access to hr department reports only and the accountant should have access to accounts reports where as the CEO can have access to all the reports. How to deal with this situation using Cognos?

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Is SET Command is SQL Statement..?

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In which mode we open the file for read,write and append also in c ? a)W b)w+ c)r+ d)a

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When we can say that is in BCNF?

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Is SET a SQL Keyword?

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How to move data from developement to testing and testing to production?

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Why we need Finally with try? pls expain with ur example..

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i am exeprienced person what is selection process


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Dear Sir, Please send me the questions frequently asked during bhel persoal interview for supervisor trainee With worm regards, Alok Kumar Rout e-mail id-


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BitWise Interview Questions
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