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  • BeBo Technologies interview questions (22)

BeBo Technologies WinRunner Interview Questions
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what is wrun.ini file..what it consists?

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What id DB Folder? when it will be created and what it consists?

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How do you find the number of elements in a list box in winrunner?

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How to fetch a value which is in a particular cell in a html table?

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What are command line options?How to invoke winrunner with vb add in using command line options?

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How many check points are there in winrunner? what are they?

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what is split function?Give me the syntax?

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How do you invoke a text file from winrunner?

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How do you that one record was entered in to a particular table using winrunner?

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what is the automation frame work ?

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BeBo Technologies WinRunner Interview Questions
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