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BeBo Technologies Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How to test API's?

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What is Deffered? explain it who allocate it?

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. Diff. between Application server and web server? 2. Default port number of Tomcat? 3. bug life cycle? 4. what is defered status in defect life cycle? 5. smoke test? 6. Do you use any automation tool for smoke testing?? 7. verification and validation? 8. Testing process in your comp.? 9. Testing methodology? 10.when a bug is found what is the 1st action? 11.what is best bug in your current proj. which you found?? 12.what is test plan and explain its contents? 13.Advantages of automation over mannual testing? 14.explain some SDLC models? 15.ADhoc testing? 16.what is mean by release notes? 17.what are all the contents of release checklist? 18.when a new build comes what is 1st action?(performing smoke test). many test cases will you write for 1 day? 20.what is the bugbase do you use in your comp.?

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winrunner q's..(if winrunner 1.explain types of recording modes? winrunner recognize GUI objects? 3.what is there in GUI map editor? 4.explain types of checkpoints? 5.syncronization point? 6.diff. between wait st. and synchornization? 7.diff.between is treturn & texit? 8.diff between tl_step and report_msg? 9.what is data driven test? 10how we parameterize the variable? 11.some ddt commands? 12.why we need to automate ? 13.explain database checkpoints with connectivity? 14.diff..between compiler module and main script? 15.expain in,out,inout parameters? 16.function generator? 17. Search path,breakpoints? 18.diff between step,step in,step out?

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