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State Bank Of India SBI General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The blueness of the sky is due to (1) Reflection of light (2) Refraction of light (3) Differaction of light (4) Scattering of light

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Planet Protection Fund was proposed by (1) Indira Gandhi (2) Maneka Gandhi (3) Rajiv Gandhi (4) U.N.

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Which among the following National Highways of India is the longest? 1 NH 1 2 NH 2 3 NH 3 4 NH 4

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What does Gilt-edged market in India mean? 1 Market of gold and silver 2 Market of platinum 3 Market of shares of companies on basis of which the Sensex is calculated 4 Market of safe securities

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The Oriental Insurance Company has made a tie up with which of the following banks for selling its general insurance products in India? 1 ICICI Bank 2 State Bank of India 3 UCO Bank 4 Bank of India

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India recently signed an agreement with which of the following countries so as to enable it to import the items/technology from there which was not possible earlier due to sanctions put by that country on the export of the same? 1 Russia 2 Germany 3 France 4 South Korea

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Who among the following is the head of Disinvestment Commission? 1 S.R.Srinivasan 2 Ruhuj Bajaj 3 S.Krishnamoorthy 4 None of these

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Who amongst the following has been selected for the Best parliamentarian Award for the year 1998? 1 S.Jayaram 2 Sharad Pawar 3 S.Jaipal Reddy 4 None of these

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Where are the headquarters of Asian Development Bank located? 1 Singapore 2 New Delhi 3 Hanila 4 Mumbai

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The slogan ?With you ? all the way? is related to which a bank? 1 Indian Bank 2 HSBC 3 HDFC 4 State Bank of India

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Mobile Banking?an application through which Reliance India mobile subscribers can view their bank account balance, get mini-statements, fixed deposit details, request for cheque book make stop-cheque requests and bill payments from their handsets any time and from anywhere. Reliance has joined hands with?..for Mobile Banking Application. 1 ICICI 2 SBI 3 City Bank 4 HDFC Bank

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. Who appoints the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir? (a) The Chief Minister of the State (b) The Chief Justice of the High Court of State (c) The President of India (d) The Prime Minister of India

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. The difference between a bank and a non-banking financial institution (NBFI) is that (a) A bank interacts directly with customers while an NBFI interacts with banks and governments (b) A bank indulges in a number of activities relating to finance with a range of customers, while an NBFI is mainly concerned with the term loan needs of large enterprises (c) A bank deals with both internal and international customers while an NBFI is mainly concerned with the finances of foreign companies (d) A bank’s man interest is to help in business transactions and savings/ investment activities while an NBFI’s main interest is in the stabilization of the currency

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East Bengal became the first Indian Club to win a Soccer International Tournament of foreign soil by winning the 1 Premier League Asia Cup 2 SAARC – Under 19 Championship 3 ASEAN- Club Championship 4 MM Ford Trophy

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give ur introduction?

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State Bank Of India SBI General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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