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Yash Technologies SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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what is the difference between alternative calcluation type & alternative condition base value?

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company is dealing vth the hardware and software products. acustomer can purchase both kind of material then company wants to maintain the credit limits diffrently as per the hardware/software wise. where can we do this configuration?

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How to information transfer

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what is full form ECC 5.0

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Can we maintain two pricing procedure for same order type? 1 for day time another for night time ?

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Hi friends. This is Ramesh. I have a doubt. In which stage we can collet the data from client. Is it from project preparation stage or from business blue print stage. Pls reply me. Thanks in advance. Ramesh

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What is a posting block?

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what are the 16 fields in pricing procedure. what is rebate agreement. what is condition class. what is calculation type. what are effects of PGI. what is third party processing and what are the pre- requisites. what is the sales process. what are the organizational units of sales and distribution.

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what do you mean by reverse pricing

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how schedule line get determined

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difference between consignment issue and consignment return

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what do you mean by reverse pricing

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what is highest level in sales order? what is highest level in deliveries ?

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what is the account group?

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