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Bank of Baroda POs Interview Questions
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Why do want to join Bank?

5 19338

How your subject will help in Banking?

1 3647

On which basis should be select you?

1 4469

How will you enhance the business of the Bank, once you have been selected finally?

2 4305

Why did not you prepare for any another exam?

1 3867

Why every individual needs Banking?

2 4408

What was the reason for the nationalization of Banking before the govt.?

2 4080

What kind of challenges in Indian Banking Industry are facing now-a-days?

1 9706

Who inspired you to prepare yourself for Banking?

1 6694

Would you like to change your job in search of better salary?

2 5776

why u want to choose banking as career? what are your expectations from the job?


why do you wnt to join in ban rathe than other fields?

4 4657

I have done Mechanical engineer and have 3 years exp in mechanical field. I have SBI PO interview so what should i say when panel ask How will i be beneficial to bank???? Please help me

3 9493

Sir, i am selected for the interview of BOB (bank of baroda) . Sir kindly sujest me how can i prepair for it? Thanks


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