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Bank of Baroda OPENMAT Interview Questions
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I am appearing for bank of baroda po exam.kindly send me the aptitude questions for the last 5 years. my email id is -


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What is mean tnq


What is UPS and How do you maintain the UPS Maintenance? Brief Description on UPS maintenance.


Identify or enumerate the parts of stern tube


plz send the rrb junior engg and assistant loco pilot previous quastion papers


i choosed hr as career what are the qualifications and skills that i requiered please answer me


In what order do we have to catch the exceptions: TimoutException, FaultException,


For exanple If i transfer money from ICICI to SBI, where is suspense account created? Explain the money transfer process?


What is mean by spike arrester(Voltage Operated)


cement, sand, aggregate,reinforcement & concrete consumption per square feet in multi storeyed building


if they ask me thet u have any body in us and i have aaunt in us then what i ans to them yes or no


How to write a code for implementing my own printf() and scanf().... Please hep me in this... I need a guidance... Can you give an coding for c... Please also explain about the header files used other than #include...


Particular area has been affected in cics screen, what is the process to find?


Approach for Installation,comaptibility,system testing


hi guys in intelent global service comp they asking basic question onli, for nonvoice 4 rounds its very easy


How much river sand contain the 6 & 10 wheeler truck? Or Maximum sand that any type of truck carry?


Bank of Baroda OPENMAT Interview Questions
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