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UPSC Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what are the strength theories for yeilding and fracture materials. state the theory more suited for 1. mild steel or 2. concrete

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find the discharge of water through a horizental venturimeter having 400mm dia at the inlet main and 150mm dia at thorat.if the diffrential gauge between inlet and thorat shows a pressure head of 25cm mercury. assume coefficient discharge 0.98 and specfic gravity of mercury as 13.6.


the water is flowing through a velocity of 1.5m/s in a pipe of length 2500m and dia 500mm. at the end of pipe a valve is provided. find rise in pressure 1. if the valve is closed in 5 seconds. 2. if the valve is closed instantaneously. take value of c = 1460m/s, pipe to be rigid and bulk modulus of water - 19.692x10' n/sqcm


Hi, Please tell me the ISI specification for the duration of concrete to achieve full strength of concrete. Is it 28days?

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is there any influence of water(used for mixing of concrete) on a weight of harndend concrete.


is there any simple field method to ascertained the bearing capacity of soil (with least arrangement/ Wedge penetration etc...).

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UPSC Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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