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UPSC Government AllOther Interview Questions
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What is difference between state excise and central excise?


what is minimum cutoff in cpf ac at written and intrview level to get to merit class?

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Sir i want information about managerial aptitude. what books you prefer for managerial aptitude. Any e-book is available?My mail id is

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I have completed my 12th with 72% through MCVC strem. Right now I am working in MNC with a package of 3lacs p.a. as a sales manager But now I want to join government organition. Please let me know (1)Where I can apply with the same package or more?, (2)How to apply? I stay in panvel and can work any were in mumbai. I am doing my B.Com.

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which one of following is most urbanised country of south asia - bhutan, india, pakistan, sri Lanka

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Q 1. which of the following is essentially a solo dance? a)kuchipudi b) kathak c) Manipuri d)Mohiniattam Q. 2 who among the following Delhi sultans is known for introducing market control mechanism? a) Iltutmish b) Balban c)Alauddin khilji d) Firoze Tughlaq 3. Five years plan are finally approved by the - a) Planning Commission b) National development council c) President d) Prime minister 4.How much percentage of nitrogen in in the atmosphere a)10% b)33% c)50% d) 78%

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How to get the GOs issued by the Andhra Pradesh government online?

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i want to know the previous year question paper of preliminary examination of west bengal civil service.

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What is the name of National Fruit ?

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UPSC Government AllOther Interview Questions

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