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UHG Interview Questions
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i have 500 testcases there,how to perform the Regression testin nad retesting?

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the successive discounts of 15%,20%is equal to ?

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14%of 14000 is equal to

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in a certain group there are two families red and brown;search for mahindra satyam for this paragraph

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what is the test scenario?

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How to write test cases for payment gateway.

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What is d main advantage of using double circuit 3 phase transmission ?


Converting Vertical PIVOTing without using PIVOT stage in DataStage. Ex: DEPT_NO EMPNAME 10 Subhash 10 Suresh 10 sravs Output: DEPT_NO EMP1 EMP2 EMP3 10 subhash suresh sravs 2) How to implement Horizontal PIVOTing without using PIVOT stage.

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Hi guys, please design a job with derivation(solution). write exact conditions. My requirement Source table emp_no qualification 1 a 1 c 2 a 3 c 3 b Target table emp_no qualification 1 b 2 b 2 c 3 a Here every employer have three qualifications i.e a,b and c. what ever source table dont have some qualification, that will be move to target table. Like above. Hope u get the point. Thanks.

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whether postpaid telephone expenses can be taken under prepaid expenses when advance payment made by a/c payee cheque for the month of march.

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Can we use where and having clauses in a single SAS program. ex: proc sql;     select a,b,c from test      where state in 'KA'      and having . Is the above program run correctly, if not why ?     

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i have two programs 1.cobol program 2.copy book program can i move bouth program in to the production or single single program?

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in rpg could u please tell me errors types and meanings like 3030 that ....

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Hi , May i know what is the time gap maintained between visits ? once i got my B1/B2 approved in Jan 2014 i was their in US from Jan'14 to may 14 (3mnths)and again went back in Nov'14 and stayed till may'15 ( 6 mnths) when can i travel again ?


what is dynslt and why we use that command when do we use command

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Un-Answered Questions

write the test cases for facility module in business field?


how do calibrate the valves.. with clear manual


User registration form so many details will be there to enter like Username,Phone No,Email id do we write test cases for that? in one textbox i have to write all the test cases and go to next textbox


write a short note on inspection and supervision report and their uses


what is mba?


what is the diference between the 4pole & 6pole DC Motors & what is advantage 6pole over the 4pole ?




what r the advantages & disadvantages of teamleader?


I am working as account in one of the logistics company for one year. I would like to know about service tax and how can I post necessary entries


importance of defining tg or tf in selecting master and slave bts's?


What is Initial Configuration?


what is frame structher in SDH .


What do you mean by a bag in Pig?


What is the advantage of Servlets when compared with other server side technologies?


Given the requirements, how will you go about designing them? How will you convert business info to technical info?


UHG Interview Questions
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