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UHG QTP Interview Questions
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I wnnt to learn about QTP Automation Framework,please give URL Address to get more information about AFW.


how u write vb script in qtp pls give me some basic script and some material

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what is aregular expression?

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In a yahoo web Application there are 65 day it will opens 50 links and another day it will open 55 links.In this scenerio write Descriptive programing for Automation?....Pls write the code for this scenerio.

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whow much strong on VB and C?


Regular expressions..... Actually how to use this and what is the exact syntax and can anybody can help me out this with there any docs pls send to my mailid

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QTP 9.2, Issue: Creating Shared Object repository. I recorded 2 scripts. I exported the Object Repository to a shared location for the first script. Associated the exported repository to the first script and deleted the Local Repository for the First Script. Now Opened the Second script and try to Add the Local Object Repository of 2nd Script to Exported Object Repository. But I fail. Can anyone please help in providing steps that need to be followed in creating a shared object repository? Thanks in Advance.

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what is the difference between Automation object model(AOM) and test object model(TOM)

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HI, Based On The Information Below Write A Data Driven test Script Edit Box 1 Should take Value From Num1 Column Edit Box 2 Should take Value From Num2 Column Click On Add Button, Get The Value Of Exp res Column, Get Value From Actual Result Edit Box , Compare Two Values, Write Pass / Fail Value Into Result Column Thanks In Advance... Kavitha Input.Xls Num1 Num2 Exp res Act res Result 10 30 40 40 Pass 50 40 90 90.5 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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what are the main differences between keyword driven frame work and data driven frame work?

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