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UHG Data Stage Interview Questions
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1)How to do error handling in datastage? 2)Did sequential stage accepts .xl files ,xml? znd how?

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Hi , Can anyone give few examples of scenarios and there corresponding design in datastage..i am new to this tool...confused in design while my manager asking to design the job.. Please post the URL if i can go through it.. Thanks in advance...


Converting Vertical PIVOTing without using PIVOT stage in DataStage. Ex: DEPT_NO EMPNAME 10 Subhash 10 Suresh 10 sravs Output: DEPT_NO EMP1 EMP2 EMP3 10 subhash suresh sravs 2) How to implement Horizontal PIVOTing without using PIVOT stage.

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Hi guys, please design a job with derivation(solution). write exact conditions. My requirement Source table emp_no qualification 1 a 1 c 2 a 3 c 3 b Target table emp_no qualification 1 b 2 b 2 c 3 a Here every employer have three qualifications i.e a,b and c. what ever source table dont have some qualification, that will be move to target table. Like above. Hope u get the point. Thanks.

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