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Bajaj Interview Questions
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what is meant by MCB and MCCB? and what its full form?

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What is the ratio of Grades M10,M15,M20,M25,M30,M35,M40.

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What is Backlash in gears.when it will be harmfull?

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What is the meaning of EDO in DG panels?

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54 Comments Alok and Bhanu play the following min-max game. Given the expression N = 38 + X*(Y – Z) where X, Y and Z are variables representing single digits (0 to 9), Alok would like to maximize N while Bhanu would like to minimize it. Towards this end, Alok chooses a single digit number and Bhanu substitutes this for a variable of her choice (X, Y or Z). Alok then chooses the next value and Bhanu, the variable to substitute the value. Finally Alok proposes the value for the remaining variable. Assuming both play to their optimal strategies, the value of N at the end of the game would be?


why did you choose this specalisation(finannce)

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What means zero and span in transmitter callibration.

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what is the power factor of choke coil used in tubelight

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In our homes we place the 5Amps in our house only takes 5Amps for all normal conditions ha???

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why you consider fit for the post applied for?


If you don’t have coal, salt and copper, then how would you earth your connection temporarily at a camp site.?


How to convert hexadecimal to binary using c language..

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how much percentage set in transformer diffrencial relay

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what is ETP

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hello...i'm interested in writing group-1...can we have optional subjects for the exam...if so,which subjects can i choose???i'm interested in science but a bit poor in mathematics...can anyone tell where can i get the material to prepare for prelims...and how to plan for preparation....


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