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Synechron C Sharp Interview Questions
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Can an interface inherit an interface

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Can an interface inherit class/abstract class.

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An abstract class is inherited, an Interface also inherited(multiple inheritance), How it differences.

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Can variables defined in interface. If yes how we can call/use it in class.

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Can property defined in Interface.

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How encapsulation and abstraction defined/used in C#.NET.

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Example of value type and refarnce type

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an object,class is value type or refarance type. ?

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If a class is a ref type, how we can pass to a function.

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Can a class inherit structure.

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Can a structure inherit a class.

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can a structure used in a class if yes then how.

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int i,string s, String s1 Which is valuetype which is refrence type.

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What is service contract

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destructor, Dispose, Finalize - How they relate to each other

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