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Syndicate Bank POs Interview Questions
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i am bhargavi i am selected for the syndicate bank po please tell the questions in interview

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Hi..I got selected for interview in syndicate bank PO .i m from kolkata..have any one got the call letter by post? When can we expect the interview to happen?

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HI i have been shortlisted for the Syndicate bank PO post. Can any one guide me about the interview questions..and answers?

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hi.i m preeti,got shortlisted for syndicate bank po interview.When can we expect the interview to happen? n wat shud we our main focus while preparing 4 it.....need to revise btech subjects??Do they expect much for Banking Terminology.plz provide me someuseful links in this regard.thanks

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i want syndicate bank po interview question$answers and pattern

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Hiii I have got shortlisted for syndicate bank interview and my interview date is 18th sep of this month.tell me anyone about the interview questions or what types of question have been asked in interview...Plz those who completes interview b4 date post me the questions asked and also mail me at regards Nishant


i am perumal.p and shortlisted for syndicate bank po interview on 23rd september in Trichy. Those who have attended d interview b4 23rd sep, guide email id is


i've attended the po interview today. it went for 10 minutes. since iam engg graduate, they asked why you came for banking sector from engg stream and asked about banking. wat to say for abvsaid question?

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Hi..anybody knows when Syndicate bank po's interview results will be announced?

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Hi friends i am bramhi, I am going to attend the PO's (Sydicate Bank)interview on next month. I lost my bank chalana slip,there is any possibility attend the interview or not pls intimate me. my mail ID

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Syndicate bank interview questions and answers

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I have attended the interview on 23th Sep. Here are few questions that were asked during my interview


When can we Expect The syndicate Bank PO Results?

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Any body came to know the official information regarding Syndiacte Bank PO Results.


Syndiacte Bank PO Results are announced


Post New Syndicate Bank POs Interview Questions

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