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Syndicate Bank Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi, I am Pragya Diwakar,Wanted to know the possible Interview questions asked during Syndicate bank for PO exam...can anyone forward the questions to me at in advance!!

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HI.i m lakshmi.I shortlisted for syndicate bank PO's exam.I don't know the way of questionery in tht intrvew.I m so tensed to face the intrview.If anyone can know the type of questions n any suggestions plz tell me...

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When will Syndicate Bank Clerical recruitment result?

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Hi everybody Iam Nandhini,I want to know when the syndicate bank will display the list of shortlisted candidates of probationary clerks.Please let me know when they will announced??????


What are the possible questions Interview questions for Probationary clerk position.Please let me know,if anyone face the interview already in Syndicate Bank or else in some other Bank???


Anybody knows the Cutoff mark For Syndicate Bank Probationary officer and Probationary Clerk?


Anybody knows the Date,Venue and Place of Probationary Officer Interview????Anybody got the Call letter for Syndicate Bank?


Hi friends I am sasi,Got selected for Syndicate Bank PO.I dont have any idea about Banking sector.I dont know how to prepare for the interview.Can anyone help me plz


can i attend the syndicate bank PO exam 2010 as my date of birth is 20th may 1980.


syndicate bank clerk exam resultannounced hi everyone i'm selected for syndicate bank clerk interview but i'm not having the application form printout or softcopy with is necessary for interview so plz anyone mail me ur application form to i need its format.plz HELP ME!!!

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