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Sutherland Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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what you expect from the company?

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what is ur favourite hobby?i said my favourite hobby is cooking.can u explain a favourite dish

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why a B. Sc. Maths student chose to work in a BPO?

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What is being good at you

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What would be your dearm job? Why?

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you have done computer science engineering but why are you trying for call centre job?

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why a engineering student looking for a call center job

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In Just a minute speech(initial screening) what will be expected from panel member?

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How would you convince your customer?

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why did you choose non voice process why not voice process

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Why do you join to BPO?

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Hello guys i worked in a bpo company name for 1 year in Amritsar,Punjab and then moved to mumbai where i worked 3 month xx company and 3 month in other but i m not habing that experience. my question is that what should i say if HR ask about your gap in work as i have total 8 month of gap 3 months experience will not considered o please let me know what should i say to HR if she Ask me what did uou do in 8 month after resigned from Amritsar ?

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