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ssinformatics Interview Questions
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How to enable the text check point in qtp? By default it is disables

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How to give Table check points?

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Describe the process for writing text check point for a web application?

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When we can access the static data member without creating the object what is the need of the object in java.

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i got job selection order from decon engg hrd,tamilnadu,india.they are also demanding me 2000 rs. & saying that after 3 day they will give me a joinig letter, there web site is & postal address is decon engg(govt. hrd)no-236 coimbatore -641044.I submitted my resume to them and after that they didnt conduct any interview... can i believe this or its just a fake..

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can we access main() using objects?

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what does static void Main(string[] args) in C# mean????????

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How do I set up scenario manager in excel?


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Name some functions available in “dplyr” package.


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Write the syntax to set the path for a current working directory in r environment?


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Define descriptive model?


What is the purpose of __dirname variable?


List the advantages of inheritance.


Is mvc a software design pattern?


Can you explain autopostback?