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SSC Interview Questions
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which Indian cricketer wrote the book of Tiger's tale?

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simla pact was signed by

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1)The Muslim adventurer who destroyed the Nalanda University? 2)Hiuen Tsang visited India which king reign? 3)what percentage of world's fresh water is stored as glacial ice?

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1)Painting reached its highest level of development during which king's reign? 2)Which is the stable eco-system? a)desert b)Ocean c)Mountain d)Forest

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which country is following one party system ?

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10 years ago, the average age of a family of 4 members was 24 years. Tow children having been born (with age difference of 2 years), the present average age of the family is the same. The present age of the youngest child is:

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Find the wrong number in this series.... 7,28,63,124,215,342

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which country is following one party system


Ramesh and his grandfather differ in their ages by 60 years. After 5 years, if the sum of their ages will be hundred years, what is the present age of Ramesh?

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1. Which is the greatest 3 u/root 7, 6 u/r 5, 2 u/r 20 is

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income tax in india is a direct and proportional b direct and progressive c indirect and proportional d indirect and progressive

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Complete the series 1,2,5,26,?

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The major component of CNG is a. Ethane b. Propane c. Butane d. Methane

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Activity of an enzyme can be modulated by change of [a] pH [b] Light [c] Humidity [d] Rainfall

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steam curing is not used in which cement

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SSC Interview Questions

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