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Aurigo Interview Questions
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how i will connect oracle or microsoft acess database through manually written Script

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how can you know a software has bugs

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define a bug

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how many bugs can an app have before we can release it?

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What is a kernel object?


hello frnz when we r testing cookies for security testing in that we have to check for deleting cookies my ques is do we have to delete from browser(google chrome m using) or from hard drive? reply soon thanx


Why frame of the motor is specified?. If we mention KW and voltage level,automatically frame is decided or separately frame is compulsory to mention?.


How to calculate material and labor required for 100 m2 plaster?


hi pal, i am vengatesh from tamilnadu(chidambaram),i have called for the written test for the post of jr executive(ELECTRICAL) of AAI ,I dont know about the question paper pattern,so any kindly help me to face the examination,post me the model question papers and some tips to write my examination to (


hi all i have doe cheical engg, but i have to go for iob po interview so can anybody suggest me abt the kind of qns that can be asked.


Can any one help me with Appian Interview Questions?


what is difference between PHP4 , PHP5


How would you sell a used toothbrush? A broken pen? A bitten apple?


give a brief description of spintronics in 5 minutes?


Solving a constraint satisfaction problem on a finite domain is an/a ___________ problem with respect to the domain size. a) P complete b) NP complete c) NP hard d) Domain dependent


What is Gradient filters?


Feature of Master letter of credit of Garments manufacturing company?


If symmetrical fault occurs at the terminal of a synchronous motor then how the motor will act...explain it..


Wt is the receiver str jdbc?


Aurigo Interview Questions
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