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Aurigo Software Quality Analysis Interview Questions
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Difference between Waterfall, V-model and Agile?

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Explain Entry and Exit Criteria for all phases?


Explain the deployment process?


Explain the architecture diagram of your current project?


How would you do an Estimation?


How would you finalize the number of resources/testers needed for the testing in the estimation ?


What kind of Reporting you do?


Explain your daily task as a Manager?


As soon as you get a build ,what would you ask your testing team to do?


How would you know if the same build you tested is deployed in production? There are chances that developer might deploy some other working build?


Explain waterfall model? what will the testing team do in Requirement phase in this model and what happens in design phase?


How would you finalize on testcases in estimation? Say you have 200 requirements. How would you come up how many testcases you are going to write for each requirements?


Do you prepare Test Plan? What does it have?

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Aurigo Software Quality Analysis Interview Questions

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