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Serco Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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What is the profile of a Team Leader ?

2 4688

why do u want in BPO

2 9550

tell me about ur self

8 19397

will you accept position for the time being


What's your salary expection?

6 12757

Explain the last movie you saw??

6 24999

Speak for 2 minutes about child labour

1 10618

What you will do if u will become a millionaire?


Discuss for 2 minutes about Smoking

2 4101

Who has influenced you the most? How? speak for 2 minutesĀ 

1 1832

Speak for 2 minutes about your favourite destination or a dream city

1 10547

Is experience is important or education is important? explain why?

2 4086

How has your impression of Bombay/Mumbai changed over the course of a decade?

1 3264

why have you chosen this company?

6 10336

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