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Scope International Interview Questions
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What is Unicast and Multicast object? Where we will use?

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How to use c/c++ code in JAVA

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What is the TSL function in WinRunner to connect to test director?

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how to maintain sessions in jsp?can you tellme the methods.

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Golden rules of accounting

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ORA-19756: corrupt block number string found in change tracking file

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What is General Ledger

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Explain about Control M JObs detaily?How to execute this.

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3) What is PDCA Cycle?

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life cycle of struts?

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What is contingent liability?

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What will u do first when u are asked to start testing ?

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What is ideal debt-equity ratio

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what is the difference between public ltd company and private ltd company?

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what is the meaning of bills payable and bills receivables?

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