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SAP Labs Certifications AllOther Interview Questions
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Can anybody provide me the material which is useful for the bo xi r2 certification.Thanks in advance.


what kind of certification should i go for and from where for doing erp- sap in sd module.


What is the recommended method to modify a standard search help to include customer defined search paths? choices: a) Add an elementary search help to the standard search help b) Enhance the standard search help with an append search help c) Add a collective search help to the standard search help d) Perform a modification to the standard search help

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Where are Dictionary runtime objects used ? a) in the dictionary b) in structures c) in table "nametab" d) in work processes

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If you want a subroutine U to have a formal parameter P that is used to return a value to the actual parameter . Which of the following definitions of U would you use to ensure that the value is passed back to the calling program only if the processing of U ends normally and is not terminated with a message statement ? a) Form U changing P. b) Form U using P. c) Form U changing value(P). d) Form U using value(P). e) Form U using P local P.

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Why would you group corrections together? More than one answer is correct. Choices: a) To enable several corrections to be assigned to the same transport. b) To transport objects from different development classes. c) To prevent other developers from processing the same objects. d) To enable several developers to process the same object in parallel. e) To retain versions of several objects together.

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Which statements are allowed if you are working with an internal table of type sorted? More than one answer is correct. a) Append b) Collect c) Sort d) Read e) Modify Note: I checked the and i came to know that we can use Collect, read , Append, Modify. Just "Sort" alone cannot be used. But if you are going to say we cant append, and we cant modify then double check your answers . Also post a link from where you got the information.

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Which of the following statements about R/3 instances are correct? More than one answer is correct. a) An R/3 instance is an administrative unit that combines together all the components of a R/3 system that provide one or more services. b) A central R/3 system consists of one or more Instances. c) Each instance has its own SAP buffer area. d) Each instance contains at least one dialog service. Note: I am sure about a,d. But what about c???

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What must you do to undo DB changes previously issued in a dialog? More than one answer is correct. a) output E message. b) perform rollback work. c) raise exception. d) Analyze log record. e) code rollback LUW. Note: I am sure the choice A,B. But what you think about c also ? Will exception also rolls back the changes?

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An update function module VF is called within subprogram VU .The program contains the call , VU on commit . At which point are the parameters for the update function VF evaluated ? a) when perform is executed b) at the beginning of function c) at commit work d) at start of v1 update e) at the end of the dialog step. Please answer only if you are very sure about this. Else please dont try.


What does a LDB(Logical Database) provide? a) Consistent and flexible user interface b) Central performance improvements for update accesses c) A method to access the data in a random manner d) Centrally defined authorization checks. Please answer only if you are very sure. Else pls ignore.

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What technique would you use to fix the 10 leftmost columns on a list when scrolling to the right? a) Set Left Scroll-Boundary Column 10 b) Set Right Scroll-Boundary Column 10 c) Scroll List PS+<10> d) Scroll List Left Note: My answer for this question is A. But if you think different then pls give link or explain how.


For called program components that are of type transaction or report, what is true about the roll area (assuming processing will resume in the calling program). a) They run in their own roll area b) They run in the roll area of the caller c) Share the same roll area Note: I think Answer is C. Any comments?


What is NOT a valid functional area type? a) LDB b) Sequential Data Set c) Program d) Search Help e) Joined Tables note: Please answer only if you are very sure. Else pls ignore.

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What is needed to ensure a check field is verified against the referenced key field of the check table? a) same data element is required for check field and referenced field b) same domain is required for check field and referenced field c) same data type only is required for check field and referenced field d) all key fields MUST have domain equality between check table and foreign key table Note: I am confused between A or C ? Please answer only if you are very sure. Else pls ignore.

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SAP Labs Certifications AllOther Interview Questions

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