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SAP Labs Certifications AllOther Interview Questions
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Table T1 wants to ensure that the key field t1-fielda entered is valid against a field t2-fielda in table T2. Which is the foreign key table? a) T1 b) T2 c) T3 from the dictionary d) Cannot be determined Note: I think the answer is A. What do you think. Please answer only if you are very sure. Else pls ignore.

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108. Identify the one addition that is not part of the interface of a method a) Importing b) Result c) Exception d) Returning NOTE: I think the answer is B. Please comment if you are sure with your answer


What is the Effect of not Typing Formal parameters in a Form? a) Conversion always occurs b) Conversion never occurs c) Forms are more flexible but prone to a short dump if conversion does not work d) No effect e) Forms are less flexible and are guaranteed no chance of a run time error Note: Please answer only if you are very sure. Else pls ignore.

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Refer to the following Code. What is the value of sy-fdpos and sy-subrc after the search is executed? Data: mystring type c value 'ARAMCO'. Search mystring for 'X' a) sy-fdpos = 0 and sy-subrc = 0 b) sy-fdpos = 0 and sy-subrc = 4 c) sy-fdpos = 4 and sy-subrc = 0 d) sy-fdpos = 4 and sy-subrc = 4 Note: Which is correct B or D ? I am just confused between B or D. If you are very sure then please reply.

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can we format tables and Graphs in SAP Bex using HTML and CSS?


Business Content (BCT) is developed? true/false


what is plan version in sap hr?

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SAP Labs Certifications AllOther Interview Questions

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