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SAP Labs SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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What is a BAdi? How to implement a BAdi?

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What is the table & field to identify the no of items (bottles) stored in one case?


Table ztest has a secondary index on the following fields: tnum, tcode. Select * from ztest where tnum ne '123' and tcode = '456'. Why is the index not used in the above case? Choices: a) Indexes are not allowed on Z tables b) Variables must be used, NOT literals c) Select individual fields, not select * d) Client is not in the where clause e) NE invalidates the use of an index Info: Can someone explain in detail why this happened? It will be really helpful to handle to case in Secondary index:

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What is the difference between open sql & native sql ?

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Create a Function module that can be called from JAVA using JCo with an example.

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what is difference between value table and check table?

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Is BAdI client Indpendent

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Can i know some of the Realtime tickets that anyone has been faced ?


In Open SQL statements such as Insert update delete which one is FASTlLY retrieve the results and which one is Efficient?

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Function Module to upload the Excel sheet into SAP Internal Tables. * a) GUI_UPLOAD b) CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>GET_UPLOAD_DOWNLOAD_PATH c) CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>GUI_UPLOAD d) All the above

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What is Transaction to view the Workflow status ? a) SWDD b) SWI2_FREQ c) SBWP d) SPRO

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Hi guy.. i have to face an interview in a couple of day.. so can you please give me some good and tough question on abap.


can we use sub routines in a function module?

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By default SAP provides locking mechanism if db is being used by a user ,then what is the use of writing enque method in your code?

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SAP Labs SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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